Keuken brings a completely new concept to the UK

Our self-serve pods replace tills and cashiers, providing an unrivalled speed of service and significantly reduced overheads.

Keuken is a scalable concept that with your help could soon to be seen up the down the country in city centre high streets and financial districts, train stations, and airports. 


What are we setting out to achieve? 

Consumers are now demanding instant access to nutritious, wholesome food. One in every two consumers who enter a shop to find a queue will simply go to another shop, resulting in significant loss.

Our solution is to provide a hyper-fast, automated way for busy people to select and pay for their food in seconds, beating the lunchtime rush. 

Keuken (which means Kitchen in Dutch), will provide customers with quick access to any product.

Join Us

Over 160 individual investors have backed us so far via the investment crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube. 

If you are interested in jumping on board, or have any question for us, please email us at