Unrivalled Speed of Service

Our cashless, self-serve pods are a Keuken invention. We've designed them for busy people who want to eat tasty, nutritious food.

Each of our pods are refrigerated, ensuring complete freshness.

We’re catering for office workers and commuters who don’t want to waste time waiting in line. We’ve scrapped cash as who wants the faff? There’s nothing worse than waiting behind someone counting out their coppers.

Instead, we accept all debit / credit cards and contactless payments like Apple Pay.


Revolutionising a Vintage Trend

We’ve looked back through the history books, and revolutionised what was once the world’s largest restaurant chain; the Horn & Hardart coin-operated automat. 

Going back as far as 1902, long before the term fast food became synonymous with mutlinational chains, automat restaurants mirrored the efficiency of the industrial revolution. 

Inflation in the 1970’s meant that customers had to carry around a pocket full of coins to operate the automats. Inflation, coupled with a change in food trends, led to the demise of the automats, and the last one closed in New York City in 1991.

So forget about a pocketful of coins, and forget about bland food. We’ve modernised the automat concept with a completely cashless, easy to use invention of our own - Keuken pods.