Our self-serve pods comes equipped with bespoke, industry-leading, cloud based software which can be customised to our clients needs. Our pods also come 'API ready' which means that it can be linked with most existing EPOS systems and other software.

Our main features include :

Real-time data analytics: Our software allows you to view all input data, which can be analysed to produce real-time info on sales, losses, selling time, best seller hourly to yearly, best seller during weather events, etc.  You will know exactly what is going on with the pods in real time and be able to make use of long-term trend data to make product decisions and plan to maximise sales in a given set of circumstances.
Manage the pods remotely: Our system allows complete control of your pods. This can be done via any computer, tablet or even phone. It takes a second to update all the machines simultaneously.  You will be able to change the prices or name of your products in seconds, set automatic discounting based on set criteria, lock pods for sale after a set expiry, etc.
Complete support: If you have any problem at any time, our team is here to help and offer full support.
We've put a lot of energy and effort into this software and would be more than happy to show you a demo. Please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.