The story of Keuken started few years ago, in a 36hours bus journey in the Himalayas to be exact.

Dominic, was writing new ideas on a note book, while looking to the road and landscape passing by - mostly related to what he was good at; technology and businesses. His dream was to create a new tech company that could have a significant impact on the life of many people. After thinking about how the world is moving toward an automated experience, along with the unsatisfied services of traditional vending machines, Dominic decided to spend more time thinking about this topic. This is how Keuken idea came to Dominic's mind.

Initially, the idea was just a 'wall of boxes' using standard cash and coins to operate. However, when Dominic started to work on the project, he quickly realised that his pods had to be more than just a normal vending machines - it had to embrace the future of the technology and payment solutions.

After over a year of research and development, Dominic, with the help of his friend Nathan, opened a temporary shop in the heart of London, few seconds walk from Liverpool Street Station.

They have been amazed by the popularity of these pods and quickly been approached by many companies around the UK and Europe who wanted to use their machines to sell their own products.

Having the machines fully tested for months, proof of concept and an amazing feedback from his customers, Dominic decided to take the plunge and to move his idea to help other businesses; which would help a very larger number of customers. 

This is the story that bring us here; Keuken - Self-Serve Solution, who does not only offer the easiest and fastest payment for customers, but also provide an software for businesses to keep track of all their sales, along with a very extensive amount of statistics which allow them to get to know their customers even better than before.