Ever had a creative epiphany while daydreaming in the shower? Slightly more monotonous: try a rickety 36-hour bus journey over sketchy mountain passes in northern India. The idea behind Keuken certainly didn’t fall out of the sky, but it started brewing under the stars of the Himalayas.  Dominic, Keuken's Founder, travelled through India in the early holiday phase where you can’t help but dwell on your 9 to 5 life back home. A seed was planted in Dominic's mind.

Dominic worked in a sandwich bar in central London, serving hundreds of busy customers every day. The realisation Dominic had five thousand metre's high on an Indian mountain pass was this: as comical as having your name mis-spelt on a coffee cup can sometimes be, speed of service is more of a necessity than human interaction in the fast paced to-go food industry.

Back in London and with the help of old friend Nathan Galilee, the seed of Keuken soon sprouted. Why don’t we use technology to automate the to-go food process, and in doing so, serve at a hyper-fast pace? 


Let’s save London’s office workers and commuters a little of their precious time by cutting out queues.

About over a year of work on our pods, Dominic & Nathan opened a temporary shop in the heart of London, few seconds walk from Liverpool Street Station. They have been amazed by the popularity of these pods and quickly been approached by many companies around the UK and Europe who wanted to jump on board to use our machines.

Some wanted to sale food like Keuken were doing initially, but others wanted to have this technology in supermarkets and offices. 

Having the machines fully tested for months, proof of concept and an amazing feedback from his customers, Dominic decided to take the plunge and to move his idea to help other businesses; which would help a very larger number of customers. 

This is the story that bring us here; Keuken - Self-Serve Solution, who does not only provide the easiest and fastest payment for customers, but also provide an software for businesses to keep track of all their sales, along with a very extensive amount of statistics which allow them to get to know their customers even more than before.

We want to help busy people by providing quick access to food and other consumer goods, while reducing the costs for business to operate.